Cardiac Care Unit Featured in the Daily News


On April 3, the New York Daily News covered the cutting-edge therapeutic hypothermia (TH) treatment provided by St. Luke’s Hospital’s Cardiac Care Unit (CCU). The Director of the CCU, Eyal Herzog, MD, a skilled University Medical Practice Associates cardiologist, was also featured in the article.

The story focused on how the CCU’s therapeutic hypothermia expertise helped save the lives of two Harlem residents who had suffered out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. These two women – along with another cardiac arrest survivor – had spoken about their experiences at “Chilling in Manhattan,” a therapeutic hypothermia symposium held at St. Luke’s Hospital on March 28.  

Over 300 physicians attended the event, and various TH presentations were given, said Dr. Herzog, who led the symposium.

A Cool Way to Save Lives

Some 300,000 people in America suffer cardiac arrest each year and the survival rate is only around 8 percent. In addition, many of the survivors experience some level of brain injury. However, leading hospitals like St. Luke’s are using invasive therapeutic hypothermia to help patients recover after cardiac arrest events. Employing this advanced cooling technology safely lowers a patient’s body temperature and helps protect the brain from severe damage caused by the lack of oxygen-rich blood. St. Luke’s Hospital has been using a TH protocol since 2008.

For more information on the hospital’s TH treatment, please visit the TH web page on the Live Well New York website or contact the CCU at 212-523-3916.

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