Dr. Jessie Fields Honored for 20 Years of Mentoring Harlem Youth in Medicine and Science


For exposing youth to the exciting and rewarding opportunities that the medical profession and related fields can offer them, Jessie Fields, MD, of St. Luke’s and Roosevelt Hospitals and St. Luke's Medical Group, received an award and recognition from the national nonprofit organization, the All Stars Project.

For the past 20 years, Dr. Fields has been mentoring inner-city kids through her support of the All Star Project’s programs and it’s after-school leadership training program. Headquartered in New York on 42nd Street, the All Stars Project creates outside-of-school educational activities for thousands of poor and minority young people. It also sponsors community arts programs and pursues volunteer initiatives that build and strengthen communities.

According to Dr. Fields, “What makes the All Stars Project unique is the focus on performing. Kids learn to change their relationship with their communities. As a physician, I am able to give them a closer relationship to the field of medicine and let them know that those in the medical community care about them.”

Through the All Stars Project, Dr. Fields, an UMPA primary care physician practicing in Morningside Heights, organized a workshop with other physicians to educate high school students about the medical arts. She also successfully inaugurated an internship program with St. Luke’s and Roosevelt Hospitals. In doing so, she is reminding the kids that they too can work towards achieving their goals if they are dedicated and focused.

Says Dr. Fields, “By bringing the medical community closer to the youth, we are able to have an impact on how they view their choices in life. I’ve seen young people so inspired by meeting physicians who are interested in their development.”

To learn more about Dr. Jessie Fields and the UMPA practice at St. Luke’s Medical Group, please visit www.umpa.com. For more information about the All Stars Project, please visit www.allstars.org.

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