SLR Is the Second US Hospital to Implant the Innovative INGENIO Pacemaker


Cutting-edge cardiology is taking place at St. Luke’s and Roosevelt Hospitals (SLR). On May 8, Emad Aziz, DO, MB CHB, FACC, a prominent heart specialist, implanted the new INGENIO* pacemaker in Eileen Ford, a 73-year-old Manhattan resident with heart block and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The new device, manufactured by Boston Scientific, was approved on May 7 by the Food and Drug Administration. This was the first implant of this pacemaker on the East Coast and the second in the United States.

Besides restoring a slow heart rhythm to a more normal rate, the INGENIO pacemaker features a special pacing technology designed to treat chronotropic incompetence (CI). CI, which affects up to 42 percent of pacemaker patients, is the inability of the heart to regulate its rate appropriately in response to physical activity. CI may cause patients to feel tired or short of breath during daily activities, such as walking. The INGENIO pacemaker also offers other innovations, such as the ability to monitor a patient’s respiration.

“The patient had a progressive decline in her exercise tolerance,” said Dr. Aziz. “She used to be able to walk around four or five city blocks and lately could only walk one block before stopping to catch her breath. On presentation to the hospital, she was found to have a heart block, and her heart rate wasn’t keeping up with her activities. So she was a good candidate for this new pacemaker and its special features.”

Added Dr. Aziz: “I’ve seen many developments taking place over the years, but this device is a huge leap forward, and it’s quite exciting to be one of the first physicians to implant one.”

Dr. Aziz is an attending physician in SLR’s Division of Cardiology. He is a highly trained electrophysiologist who is experienced in performing complex ablations and advanced cardiac device implantations. He also directs SLR’s Advanced Cardiac Admission Program (ACAP), which uses a guidelines-based approach to optimize care and prevent sudden cardiac death.

* INGENIO is a trademark of Boston Scientific Corporation.

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