Smoking Cessation Program

This highly successful bilingual (English and Spanish) program has helped many people quit smoking. The program, which is supported by both the Mara Center and the Margarita Camche Smoking Cessation Fund, is based on the philosophy that each patient’s cessation plan must be integrated into his or her medical care.

Some participants have serious pulmonary or cardiovascular disease or cancer. Others are completely healthy. For each person, a physician performs a complete medical assessment and works closely with the patient’s doctor to determine the best strategy for achieving success.

The program involves psychological support, nicotine replacement and behavior modification techniques. In addition, Zyban, a nicotineless medication, may be prescribed when appropriate as a smoking cessation aid.

There are smoking cessation clinics located at both Mount Sinai St. Luke’s (212-523-4490) and Mount Sinai West (212-523-6056) on Manhattan's West Side. For more information, contact one of the clinics or Lori Tartell, RN, MSN, Director, Clinical Programs and Education, at 212-523-5471.