Our Patient Referral Service Helps Improve the Patient Experience

We offer a team of skilled bilingual patient navigators to enhance the patient experience. They help patients find the right healthcare specialist in their neighborhood, coordinate with doctor’s offices and improve the continuity of care.

Our specially trained advocates are highly knowledgeable and can provide individualized attention to patients, enabling them to better use the wide range of services available at medical offices and hospital departments. They facilitate appointments, hospital admissions and surgical procedures.

With cutting-edge office technology and the ability to communicate across cultures and establish trusted relationships, our navigators also keep patients informed about appointments, procedures and test results. They help reduce patient anxiety and improve the overall patient experience.

Our patient navigators can be reached by phone at 212-636-1420 or by email at navigators@chpnet.org.

Referral Forms

Please download our Cardiology Diagnostic Services Referral Form. Once completed, please fax the form to

Cardiology Diagnostic Services Referral Form